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 Virtual Flight Adventures   with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

 Chapter 3   SPRING 2002

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Never having flown the big jumbo jets before, it was indeed a challenge to give this new ProMX Airbus A380 experimental plane a go. Adding much more fun to the flight was the fact that my FS 2002 had no Concorde gauges which this beautiful beast needs, resulting in me flying the giant without avionics at all, a real seat of the pants experience! This plane makes a 747 look small and you sit about 28 feet above the runway. The A380 is from Camil Valiquette (http://pages.infinit.net/camsim/).

Besides the plane, notice the great scenery at Prestwick International Airport in Scotland which I've made my training base away from home until the local scenery here in New England improves. The Prestwick scenery as well as Edinburgh & Glasgow airports are by Iain Gallacher.

Here is a little preview of my Scotland pages linked above. This photo depicts a quick turnaround of my awsome British Air Twin Otter at the Glasgow (GLA) main terminal ramp. The Glasgow Aiport scenery is really something to behold and very realistic.         

This was another one of my heart pounding approaches. Here I looked up the bad weather on the weather radar loop and then downloaded the real weather and flew first to Pease International Jetport in Portsmouth, NH and then realized the heaver snow was falling in Manchester, NH, a little further inland. The visibility was less than a mile in moderate snow and this was my second approach on runway 17 late one Friday nite.


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